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The Contracting Authority for the project is the National Authorising Officer, at the Ministry of Finance.

The Project Supervisor is the Ministry of Trade and Industry. The Ministry has nominated a member of staff as the Programme Director and Imprest Administrator to supervise and co-ordinate the implementation of the programme of activities.

The Imprest Administrator and the Imprest Accountant have been delegated the powers to draw up and implement consecutive Programme Estimates, award contracts and grants, commit expenditure and make the corresponding payments.

A Steering Committee has been set up to oversee and validate the overall direction and policy of the project. Membership shall be made up of representatives from public, private sector as well as donor agencies. The role of the Steering Committee is to provide policy guidance without interfering in day-to-day management issues.

A Technical Assistance Team led by Agri-consulting SA is assisting MoTI in the implementation of the project. The Team is composed by a Team Leader, a Key Quality Expert and by a number of short term experts with various specialisations, including Metrology, Chemistry, Laboratory Quality Management, several ISO Standards (17025, 17020, 17021, 15189) on Inspection and Conformity assessment, Accreditation, Warehouse certification system, Legislation, data management for Human Resources, Sanitary and Phytosanitary measures, among others.