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Mariella Sandini, Team Leader

Mariella Sandini has a background in agriculture, with a M.S. Degree in ‘Agricultural Science’ at the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Padua, Italy (1984) and a Post degree Specialization Diploma in ‘Tropical and Subtropical Agriculture’ obtained at the Faculty of Agriculture, University  of Florence, Italy (1989).

She has a long and substantial experience in standardisation, controls, certification, accreditation, international conformity assessment, quality management, market surveillance, Sanitary and Phytosanitary issues, traceability, risk analysis, agrifood sector, chemistry lab as a teacher, project monitoring and evaluation, as well as in organic agriculture, being an inspector, a Member of Standard Committee of the International Federation of Organic Movement (IFOAM) for 4 years and in charge of the international office of an organic certification body. 

She is an independent consultant for various clients, including international organisations and private sector and has been working as Consultant and Team Leader in more than 25 countries, in Africa, Asia and Middle – East, including long term assignments in Burkina Faso, Niger, Kenya, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, China, Syria, Albania. She has been Lecturing and tutoring for 8 years at the Faculty of Agriculture – University of Padua in International Cooperation Courses in technical aspects of project management and evaluation and agricultural production, marketing and rural development; participated as lecturer in interfaculty Courses and International post-degree Master programs.