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Ivan Hendrikx, Senior Accreditation Expert

Mr. Ivan Hendrikx, can look back at more than 40 years of experience in market surveillance, conformity assessment, testing, accreditation and standardization, demonstrating extensive practice in policy development, planning and monitoring of accreditation and market surveillance activities.

Mr. Hendrikx had been working as technical assessor for the Dutch Accreditation Council since 2004. In 2002-2004 he has been assessing the QMS of potential Polish and Bulgarian Notified Bodies. During his employment at CENELEC in same period, Mr. Hendrikx held the position of Senior Policy Adviser to the DG Enterprise contributing to the revision of the New Approach and drafting of the New Legislative Framework, in particular of the new horizontal  legislation  on  market  surveillance  and  accreditation  EC regulation 765/2008/EC.

Throughout his career, Mr. Hendrikx has successfully managed and guided technical teams and non-technical stakeholders of several different cultures and in complex institutional settings, often with multiple reporting lines. During the past seven years, Mr. Hendrikx worked 4 years as Team Leader in 2 EU projects: one on reforming the Albanian quality infrastructure and one on strengthening market surveillance in Serbia.