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Ines Escudero -- Trade and Export Promotion Adviser

Ines Escudero holds a Master in International Trade & European Law and a BA in Communications. She has over 15 years working experience in the European and international environment, allowing her to feel at ease working on multicultural teams at international institutions, governments or with the private sector. She has experience working with the European Commission and Parliament, UN agencies, ECOWAS, SADC Secretariat, national trade ministries/agencies, intermediary organizations, public and private companies in Africa and Europe. 

Ms. Escudero worked for 10 years at the European Commission (DG DEVCO and DG TRADE) and is familiar with the EU programmes, project cycle management, financial procedures and visibility guidelines. Since 2013, she is based in Africa where she coaches government departments, business organisations and development banks on the implementation of export promotion strategies and private sector development programmes. She has a broad knowledge of the standardization process and certification of EU standards.