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EPA Support to Ghana

Implementation of the EPA will be a complex process that requires plenty of energy and investment from all Ghanaian and European partners. This is why Ghana and the EU have decided to combine their efforts to ensure the success of the EPA by mobilizing accompanying support:

1. Ghana-EU cooperation in the field of trade support 

The EU instruments for development cooperation have already been mobilized for several years in order to prepare Ghana for EPA implementation. The on-going or future interventions are the following: 

Programmes  Implementing bodies Total (€m)
1 Capacity building for formulating, negotiating and implementing trade policies Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI) 6.30
2 Support to non-traditional exports promotion (Accompanying measures for the Banana sector) Ministry of Trade and Industry, Companies in Banana sector 7.24
3 Support to Trade Facilitation and Trade Related Infrastructure (roads; customs modernization) Ministry of Transport, Ghana Highway Authority 123.25
4 National quality infrastructure support MoTI 8.70
5 Improvement of the business environment and promotion of dialogue between private and public sectors BUSAC Fund 3.40
Total 148.89

2. Support to Ghanaian Entrepreneurs and National Product Quality Infrastructure

In order to ensure the success of the EPA, Ghana and the EU aim at creating favourable conditions for Ghanaian entrepreneurs through supporting the following organisations:

  • Ghana Standard Authority (GSA), which promotes standardization for the improvement of the quality of goods, services and sound management practices in industries and public institutions in Ghana.  
  • National Board for Small Scale industries (NBSSI) which promotes growth and development of Micro and Small enterprises providing services including business development services.  
  • The Ghana Export promotion Agency (GEPA), which develops and promotes non-traditional Ghanaian exports.  
  • The Food and Drugs Authority (FDA), which regulates and controls product safety, quality and compliance with international standards and regulations. 
  • These four organisations are supported through the Trade Related Assistance and Quality Enabling programme (TRAQUE) which aims at facilitating trade and stimulating trade led pro- poor growth.  
  • The Business Advocacy Challenge Fund (BUSAC), which supports efforts aiming at improving the business environment at all levels through advocacy actions. 

The EU also helps companies in Ghana and other developing regions to export more to the EU through the EU Export Helpdesk website.